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Efficient and Reliable Drying Processes

American Farm Equipment in Hillsboro, ND, offers a variety of grain dryers with various drying processes.

Grain drying systems include:

  • Outdoor (natural) drying
  • In bin natural air drying
  • Recirculating batch dryers
  • Continuous flow conventional dryers
  • Continuous batch dryers
  • Continuous flow tower dryers
  • Continuous mix flow dryers

In Bin Natural Air

This is a low temperature drying system with no harvest boggle neck. The bins can be filled at the harvest rate. A properly sized system can dry the crops more economically than a high temperature dryer.

Mixed Flow Dryers

In this drying method, the grain mixes as it moves over the ducts and the kernels are passed through horizontal heat zones. Air patterns alternate as the kernels move through the system. All kernels are treated the same with air flow and temperature. 

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